You are welcome to be a part of In order to contribute to this blog, you need not be a resident of Mysore or any of the cities coming under Mysore Division. This blog is open for the residents, tourists and casual visitors. Your understanding about the cities is what matters.

Write about anything happening surrounding you or your opinions similar to those published in Star of Mysore, a popular evening daily. Write about your experiences with respect to travel & food, shopping, stay and more. You are also welcome to promote your talent, any talent for that matter. You can be a model, photographer or a sports person.

If you own a business, nothing like blogging about it. You may run your own blog but isn’t it a good idea to convey your services in multiple blogs?

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Clear Content

The best thing you can do is to be serious about the message you are trying to convey. Be it about your talent, your experiences or your business. Put yourself in the readers shoe and start writing. Your contents should be anywhere between 350 to 500 words or may be more.


Content writing is not everybody’s cup of tea. It requires a considerable amount of grammatical skills and patience. You may have these two but still want us to write behalf of you – we are OK with it. We will do it free of cost.


The photographs you submit should be original. You should have exclusive rights to it. We do not appreciate re-using the photographs from the internet. If you have no photographs, no problem.

We will reduce the size of all photographs to 1mb or less. You may wish to not to have our watermark in the photographs. However, if you publish or approve to publish your photographs in, we, the blog owners, will not be responsible for any misuse of the published photographs in the internet. Please read our disclaimer carefully.

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