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Trin-Trin Mysore

Have you ever wished to ride a bicycle to Chamundi hill? I know that if you are living faraway, peddling the bicycle to the foothills and then to the top is going to be tiresome. Imagine that you get a bicycle at the foothills and you ride it to the top. Imagine that you get a bicycle at the top of the hill and you ride it down, leave it there, catch a taxi and go home. This is possible now. Say hello to Trin-Trin, a venture that lends bicycles in Mysuru city. All you have to do is become a member by paying a small fee. Of course, you have to provide some documents. Trin Trin Mysore - For Greener Mysuru Trin Trin JC Road, Mysuru Hub As a promotional offer, the members will get one free hour of bicycle riding. Additional hours will cost Rs. 5 per hour. The quality of the cycles are too good. I need not explain much about it. The photographs speaks it all. Trin Trin Cycles with Shimano Gear System The company assembles all the cycles locally except some parts like th

Chamundi Hills – Morning Drive

If you are a tourist to Mysore, your tour is incomplete without a visit to the sacred Chamundi hills. Also known as Chamundi Betta (Betta means a hill in Kannada), the hill is not only popular among the tourists but also with the locals. They come to this hill both for worship and recreation purpose. Mahishasura Statue Mahishasura As an ardent devotee of Goddess Chamundeshwari whose temple is at the summit of the hill, I decided to start this blog by writing about it. This is a second post of, the first being the introduction post . I drove alone to the hill at about 7 am. While driving on the ring road, the hill covered with a mist presented a beautiful view of it. Less than half an hour, I was in front of the Mahishasura statue taking photographs. Chamundeshwari Temple at Chamundi Hills Chamundeshwari Temple It was surprising that at 7.30 am, there was no space for car parking near the statue. I somehow managed to get a space for my car near the restr