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Mysore Palace Photos

Here are some photographs from inside the Mysore Palace. All of them captured from the smartphones. I have posted only select photographs. The Amba Vilas Palace is more than what you see here. Mysore Palace Mysore Palace 2017 Wall mounted elephant Elephant head mounted on wall. The skin is real from the elephant hunted down in Bandipur when hunting was legal. Caskets & Mementos Caskets & Mementos in the palace  Beautiful Pillars inside the Palace Delicately carved pillars inside the palace Golden Howdah Golden Howdah weighing 750 kgs Krishna Raja Wodeyar IV  Plaster of Paris statue of Krishna Raja Wodeyar IV who was instrumental in building the Mysore Palace Open space inside the Mysore Palace Open space inside the palace Silver Chairs  Silver Chairs View from inside the palace View from inside the palace Temple inside the Palace Complex Temple inside the Mysore Complex Palace Elephants Palace Elephants Mys