Mysore Palace Photos

Here are some photographs from inside the Mysore Palace. All of them captured from the smartphones. I have posted only select photographs. The Amba Vilas Palace is more than what you see here.

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace
Mysore Palace 2017

Wall mounted elephant

Elephant mounted on wall
Elephant head mounted on wall. The skin is real from the elephant hunted down in Bandipur when hunting was legal.

Caskets & Mementos

Caskets & Mementos in the palace

 Beautiful Pillars inside the Palace

Pillars Mysore Palace
Delicately carved pillars inside the palace

Golden Howdah

Golden Howdah weighing 750 kgs

Krishna Raja Wodeyar IV 

Plaster of Paris statue of Krishna Raja Wodeyar IV who was instrumental in building the Mysore Palace

Open space inside the Mysore Palace

Inside the Mysuru Palace
Open space inside the palace

Silver Chairs 

Silver Chairs
Silver Chairs

View from inside the palace

Inside the Mysore Palace
View from inside the palace

Temple inside the Palace Complex

Temple inside mysore palace
Temple inside the Mysore Complex

Palace Elephants

Palace Elephants
Palace Elephants

Mysore Palace Main Gate

Mysore Palace Main Gate
Mysore Palace Main Gate
If you have planned to the city of palaces this Dasara, Am sure the Mysuru Aramane will top your list of tourist places in Mysore. 

Part of the palace is open to tourist all days of the week. The lights are lit up during the special days and the weekends. The entry fee is Rs. 50 for an adult. Children below 10 years go inside free of cost.

If you are planning to carry your cameras, do know that you cannot shoot using that one. If the guards see your DSLRs, they will show you the camera deposit counter.

Not to worry, carry a good smartphone. The guards do not bother if you are clicking with your phone camera inside the palace. I saw almost all of them taking selfies inside the Mysore Palace, thus leading to slow movement.

Head to the palace just after your breakfast so that you can complete your exploration before lunch. Do carry a bottle of water to hydrate yourself because you will end up walking a lot and getting tired.

If you are a tourist, people will approach you with lots of fake offers like auto rickshaw service, selling cheap products, etc. Be careful!

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