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Mylari Dosa for memorable breakfast

Breakfast at Mylari Hotel The best breakfast in Mysore is the breakfast had in Mylari Hotel. If you are new to the city, you have to try it here at least once. Chances are that you will eat more than one masala dosas. Eat Sleep Eat Imagine this, one fine morning, you eat three Mylari Masala Dosas and hit the bed again for after breakfast relaxation. Later, you wake up in the afternoon for the lunch in one of the best restaurants in Mysuru. This is how I like to spend the weekend in this beautiful city! Delicious Mylari Masala Dosa I am talking about the Mylari restaurant in the old Nazarbad area of Mysuru. In fact, there are two in this block with the same name. I am referring to the one in the right when you approach from Nazarbad police station. I will visit the restaurant towards the left shortly. As far as I know, there are four restaurants with the name “Mylari Hotel”, two in Nazarbad, one in Agrahara and another one in Kuvempunagar. Please wait until I post about m

Kote Anjaneya Temple KR Circle Mysuru

Taking a morning walk near the Town Hall would give anybody a real Mysuru experience. The view of the statue of Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar, the Kote Anjaneya temple and the clock tower are something to feel onto self. At 07.30 in the morning, the KR Circle block is livelier with morning walkers, temple goers and the tourists. You have to be here at this time to witness the true essence of this place. The sight of Tongas and Tongawallahs and those still sleeping above the compound are fun to capture through your lens. Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar Circle (KR Circle) KR Circle Mysore - July 2018 I drove from St. Philomena’s Church via the CSI Wesley Cathedral and Hotel Siddhartha and took a right turn at the Jayachamrajendra Circle (Harding Circle) to enter the Albert Victor road that leads to Sri Kote Anjaneya Temple (only a Mysorean can understand this long sentence). I parked my car near the temple premises and walked towards the clock tower.  A newlywed couple arrived at

A Weekend in Saint Philomenas Church

A Weekend in Saint Philomenas Church  Your tour to Mysore is incomplete if you do not have at least a glimpse of the St. Philomena Church.  The full name of this church is the “Cathedral of St. Joseph and St. Philomena” and this is the second largest in Asia. This church has a rich history that is very interesting and you should consider reading it in Wikipedia. The St. Philomena's Church St Philomena Church Mysore - Captured with Sony A5100 It was more than a decade that I visited the Philomena’s church before I shifted from Mysuru to Bengaluru. Last Saturday, I got an opportunity to be here with my Sony Alpha 5100. All the photographs in the post are from this little gadget. St. Philomena Statue  St Philomena Statue - Captured with Sony A5100 St. Josephs Statue  St Josephs Statue - Captured with Sony A5100 Mysore city as a tourist place attracts many travellers during the holidays. You can feel this when you drive in Bangalore Mysore Highway during the