Mysore Web is a travel and food experience blog from Mysuru. The blogger decided to revisit his hometown Mysuru and document his experiences in this tiny blog. 

The highlights of this blog are historical places revisited several times with new stories that are usually blogger’s musings.

This blog may be helpful to the avid travellers and occasional tourists who are coming for the first time to the city nicknamed “The City of Palaces”. Yes, Mysuru has many palaces and the Amba Vilas (Mysore Palace) is the primary attraction. There are so many others things to explore and this blog is all about it.

There are several places to explore outside of the Mysore city within 150 kilometres range and can be covered in a day or two, all from Mysuru. Hit the SUBSCRIBE button at the top to get the latest post to your email.

You are welcome to guest post in this blog and can connect to us via email. Please feel free to drop in your suggestions and requests.

You can reach the blogger at mysoreweb@OUTLOOK.com. Bloggers from Mysuru, please do connect. 

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